Google has started to release a “Raise Hand” feature to Business, Enterprise and Education users. You will start to see the Raise Hand icon appear in the Google Meet bottom menu bar.

  • Participants can raise a hand which notifies the moderator and shows a visual indicator on their video feed.

  • The meeting moderator will be able to see all raised hands in the order they were raised in the meeting participant list pane.

  • The meeting moderator can lower hands individually or lower all hands 

How to raise/lower your hand

  1. Click on the “Raise Hand” button on the bottom bar during the web meeting.

  2. Once the button is pressed, it changes to a “Lower Hand” button which can be clicked to lower the hand. 

How to lower hands as the meeting moderator 

  1. Go to the meeting participant list by clicking on the people icon on the top right. All participants with raised hands are in a section at the top of the participant list with a hand raise icon next to their name. 

  2. Hover over the hand raise icon to see and click the “Lower” action. Alternatively, if there are multiple hand raises, meeting moderators on web clients can also lower all hands at once with the “Lower all” button at the top of the section. 

  3. The participant will be notified their hand was lowered. 

The “Nod Reaction” (top left raise hand) Extension currently being used will continue to be available until Friday, October 23rd.

Google has also asked that we share this form with you. They are looking to gain feedback on this feature and provide improvements in upcoming updates.

For more information, see our Knowledge Base article.

If you have any questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 814-231-7743

Google will be redesigning/updating its applications and features in the near future. They will be launching Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) to Enterprise and Business users first and then out to Education. With Google Workspace, they’re introducing three major developments:

  • New, deeply integrated user experience that helps teams collaborate more effectively, frontline workers stay connected, and businesses power new digital customer experiences
  • New brand identity that reflects our ambitious product vision and the way our products work together
  • New ways to get started with solutions tailored to the unique needs of our broad range of customers

For more information check out the Google Workspace Blog

The State College Area School District will be utilizing GoGuardian this school year. This product helps the district by providing web filtering solutions for district devices and accounts as well as additional teacher tools in the classroom to support student learning. We are excited to announce that GoGuardian has released a new optional Parent App. It is a mobile app to help keep parents and guardians aware of your children's browsing activity, app usage, and more. GoGuardian Parent is a companion to the classroom management and internet filtering tools that your child's school uses for devices issued to students. Through the use of this app, we hope to encourage more open and honest conversations between parents and children that will result in safer practices and responsible browsing habits.

What is the intention of the app?

By providing insight into student browsing habits, our goal is to empower parents to take a more active role in their children's online learning. We aim to create a greater sense of transparency with student browsing to help bring about a greater sense of accountability on both the parent's and the student's part. We also believe that transparency and insight will increase the likelihood of productive student browsing habits on a more consistent basis.

What is included in this app:

  • Top 5 summary of student browsing (apps, extensions, documents, and websites visited)
  • 30-day view of websites, videos, documents, apps, and extensions

To access the app, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Download the app
    1. iPhone: Visit App Store, search for GoGuardian Parent, and tap the download button.
    2. Android: Visit Google Play Store, search for GoGuardian Parent, and tap the download button.
  2. After the app is successfully downloaded and installed, open it up and enter the email address registered with the school. Note: If you forgot your registered email address, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  3. Login/Check Email: Check your email on your phone for a link to log in to the app. Tap the "Verify your email" button, and it will take you straight to the app. Note: If you don't have access to your email through the device you used to log in, tap on "Login with verification code", and copy and paste the verification code from the email into the app.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 814-231-7743.

We have been getting lots of questions about the proper way to clean student Chromebooks, document cameras, dongles and other shared technology throughout the building. All of these devices can be cleaned with the cleaning supplies being provided by our Physical Plant department. In addition, they can be cleaned with any household cleaner that does not contain corrosive chemicals like bleach. Corrosive chemicals would result in the screen "etching" or losing its protective covering. 

Also, if the cleaner is a spray, please make sure to spray the cleaner on the rag or paper towel, wipe the equipment and then wipe it dry. Please do not spray cleaner directly on the devices as it could result in damage.
Attached is a cleaning 
flyer, feel free to use or share it as needed. I'm also sending something similar out to our families.
Device Cleaning Tips
IT Services has recently been working on updating our website and we heard from all of you a desire for content and videos to allow you to begin working through some of the technology or classroom changes that we are facing with the upcoming school year. We are happy to announce that we have a lot of this content now developed for you. It is hosted under its own "Remote Learning" section on the site with a subsection just for faculty. 
The site will give you insights on things like:
  • Classroom Technology (How will remote students connect? What platform are we using? Do doc cams work, etc.)
  • Google Meet (How do I use it? Can I record, etc.)
  • GoGuardian (What is it? How do we use it? How do we help students, etc.)
We hope these are helpful. Here is a direct link to this section of the website, but please check the main page regularly for announcements and new content. 

Faculty Remote Learning Resources