IT Services has been working this summer to add additional resources to our IT Central application. We are pleased to announce that a new section called “User Profile” has been released. This section will include a variety of information relevant to employees including account information, badge access, digital agreements, assigned equipment and phone routing.

Each section will be described below, but please make sure to check out the Phone Routing section. We are extremely excited about some of the new features there that will assist teachers should we go remote.

Phone Routing:

  • We have redesigned the phone routing application based on the feedback you provided to us earlier in the summer. The new system continues to allow teachers to route their phone to voicemail, a classroom phone or cellphone as needed. In addition, we have implemented a new “Directory” phone number for SCASD. Families can call 814-231-1192 and enter the staff member’s extension or say their name to be transferred. 

    Routing District Phone Number Knowledge Base Article

Assigned Equipment:

  • This section will display all district equipment that we have on file as being assigned to the staff member.

Digital Agreements:

  • We will be using this section to have equipment agreements signed digitally moving forward instead of the paper forms that have been used in the past.

Badge Access:

  • This will display which buildings a staff member has access to with their district badge.

Account Information:

  • This section will display general information about the staff member for their reference.