What technology will I have in my classroom to support remote learning for students?

-Classrooms supporting synchronous remote instruction will be outfitted with a USB webcam on a portable tripod. This camera will work with the Google Meet or Zoom video meeting for students to see the content in the classroom.

What do I do if a student has trouble connecting remotely?

-We are recommending Google Meet this school year instead of Zoom. This new video conferencing tool utilizes less bandwidth and will likely ensure an increased connection quality for students. In addition, it features a built in recording feature to allow teachers to quickly share their lecture with students afterwards. Please also know that Zoom will still be available until March for teachers wanting to use this platform instead.

Do we have a digital whiteboard application?

-Yes, students and teachers can utilize Google JamBoard a free online digital whiteboard. 

Will teachers need headsets or microphones for remote students to be able to hear them?

-No, the teachers laptop as well as the webcam have built in microphones that pick up the audio and send it to the students connecting remotely.

Can remote students see what I write on the whiteboard?

-Most of the time, yes. This really depends on the size of the writing as well as lighting. In some situations it may be best to share a digital worksheet that students can view live on their machines while you work on it. 

Can students see what I am projecting?

-Most of the time, yes. This again depends on the lightning and nature of what is being projected. The best method for this would be to share your screen with the remote students and then project the same image for students in class.

Can the document camera be used with my computer and projector at the same time?

-No, it will be set up to be used with the classroom projector. For remote students you can share the same content with them digitally, by pointing the webcam at the whiteboard or by pointing the webcam at the same content as the document camera

How can I help students having issues remotely?

-The district acquired the GoGuardian Teacher for our teachers to utilize in helping better support classroom management and learning for students. This tool includes a remote assistance feature for teachers to help students.