Administrative Evaluation Process of Applications

Administrators/Supervisors will evaluate applications, using the following criteria:
It is recommended that Administrators consult with their Instructional Technology Specialist when making these decisions. 
  1. Application states a clearly defined objective aligned with the mission and goals of the State College Area School District.
  2. A social media platform is an appropriate solution for the stated objective.
  3. There is not a current SCASD platform that can serve the stated objective.
  4. Application provides evidence that applicant has attained sufficient personal and/or professional experience with social media to effectively implement a social media platform on behalf of the district.

Repercussions of an approval:

  1. If answer #4 is NO, the administrator may require applicant to seek professional development from ITS.
  2. If an administrator approves the use of a social media platform by students during the school day, and the platform is currently blocked by the internet filter, that platform will be unblocked by the SCASD internet filter for all students at that level (elementary, middle, high school/Delta).

Approval Process:

  • Applicant will fill out application form and will check the box on the form to send application responses to his/her email account.
  • Applicant will forward the email to his/her administrator.
  • Administrator will reply to the applicant with approval or denial, and cc: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • If the approved platform is intended for use by students during the school day, and the platform is currently blocked by the internet filter, it will be unblocked as an outcome of the administrative approval.
  • When applicant receives approval, he/she may begin implementation of the social media platform


  • The District's Web Communication Specialist will enter the approving administrator's name, date, approved or denied in the application spreadsheet 


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