Policies Related to Social Media

Social media use in the district is governed by the same policies that govern all other electronic communications. Read the policies below before engaging in any social media campaign as part of your official duties.
This section of Policy 815 Online Acceptable Use (approved 1-28-13) especially pertains to social media:

Use of Social Media

Social media are online applications, services, and practices that allow users to connect to each other and to create, share, and collaborate on content. State College Area School District recognizes the importance of open exchange and learning between the district and its many constituents. We recognize the two-­‐way communication available through social media—blogging, social websites, and networking—as an important arena for interaction and collaboration, to learn from and connect with others using these communications tools.

Where appropriate, the district supports the use of social media by employees in pursuit of instructional and educational goals. The district may use social media to connect with students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, colleagues, other educators, and more. Please refer to the Social Media Toolkit for guidance on using social media effectively, safely, and within district policy.

In the best interests of our district and our community, district staff and students who administer or use official social media sites on behalf of the district must adhere to all existing policies, especially Policy 249 Anti-Harassment and Anti-bullying and Policy 814 Copyright Materials, as well as the Professional Code of Conduct.
Professional Code of Conduct


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