Personal Uses of Social Media by employees of the State College Area School District

Although the official policies and guidelines discussed herein apply to those uses of social media in a person's capacity as an employee of the State College Area School District, it is important to remember that each staff member is personally responsible for the content he or she publishes on any form of social media.

  • There should be clear, and definite differentiation between a staff member’s personal and professional social media use.

  • When identifying oneself as an employee of the SCASD, either directly or as part of a user profile, an employee should conduct himself according to the district’s On-Line Acceptable Use Policy, Anti-harassment Policy, and Professional Code of Conduct.

  • Further, employees must comply with confidentiality obligations imposed by law, including HIPAA and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

  • Employees are discouraged from becoming “friends” with or interacting with students on their personal social networking sites.

  • Under no circumstances may the employee use district logos, mascots, or images in personal social media pages without express written consent.

  • Employees should not use the district’s name to promote or endorse any opinion, product, cause, or political party or candidate.

  • The use of images or photographs of students on a personal blog, photo sharing site, or social networking web page are absolutely prohibited.

  • Under no circumstances should employees discuss situations involving employee or student discipline on their blog or social networking site.

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