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Synergy FAQs

1. Do the summer trade time sessions replace the inservice training?

  • No. The summer trade times are a demo look at Synergy and will be focused more as feedback gathering sessions and provide an advanced look into the system. The inservice training will still be required as it will provide in depth training of the system.

2. Will Synergy talk to Canvas?

  • Yes. Synergy will still integrate with Canvas. We will share more information of what this integration looks like as it becomes available.

3. When will we be using the new system?

  • The new system will be in place and used for the upcoming 2021/2022 school year.

4. Will the new system have additional features like assessments, student learning plans, etc.?

  • For the start of school it will not, but we will be working to implement these throughout the year with small releases as we continuing using the system.